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The ScienceFor information on the Science, Research and Clinical Studies Click Here where you will find a wealth of information from new studies on Vitamin D, Heart Health to the latest on Kids health. 

Shaklee Corporation has a 50-year history dedicated to the development and marketing of safe and effective products with safety being the first consideration in the development of all products. Shaklee partnered with preeminent scientists, researchers and doctors with specialties in the field of nutrition, aging, obesity, and other diet related issues to form the Scientific Advisory Board, a group dedicated to providing expertise and direction to uphold Shaklee’s scientific integrity and product safety.

For a more in-depth background about Shaklee science and scientific studies, please visit Shaklee's MD Resource.


Shaklee vitamins are extracted from the whole food source using low heat and no chemicals.  This process keeps the enzymes alive, so they are the same benefit to our body as the nourishment that comes in fresh food.  

Plastic LemonA plastic lemon would be like the vitamin that is man made in a laboratory.  Synthetic vitamins are sold in department stores and pharmacies.  These vitamins act as a stimulant in the body.  There are no live enzymes so the body is not able to use the synthetic ingredients (tar, plastics, coal) for nourishment.



Squeeze LemonThe second lemon is the plastic squeeze lemon that contains concentrated juice.  The juice is made from real fruit, but the outside is plastic, and that would be similar to vitamins that are sold as natural.  They are chemically or heat extracted, so the enzymes are compromised (weakened) or destroyed and they can have harsh binders and fillers.  The FDA requires only 15% has to be natural to be labeled natural.



Fresh LemonOur Food Supplements are like the fresh lemon; whole food that has the live enzymes to build health at a cellular level.  Made with raw materials grown on certified organic farms.  No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives.  This is nature's formula!  When you purchase a Shaklee nutritional product, it has the best of science and the best of nature combined.  Dr. Shaklee's low temperature, low pressure process for manufacturing the products is used to keep the life in the high quality ingredients used in the Shaklee formulas.  Live enzymes are the best food supplement for our cells.